Monday, July 09, 2007

Yet again.

Hello my fellow readers, if you still are reading that is. Due to my absence this blog has simply lost it's purpose. I really don't know what happened, I just lost interest in writing daily. I still am involved in politics, but not as much as before. I believe that the school life has taken away my ability to explore the outer news. I apologize and maybe I'll return when I'm older and I finally give up my immature child-like ways. I just don't feel like worrying about things all the time, I would like a time where things would be carefree. I'm a Junior now, still at 15, but going strong in schooling. I do have social activities I engage in quite often, but I will always work hard in school. I still debate among my friends, but they're as stubborn as I am. There are times when they do agree with me. In order to be a great change, we must take baby steps. In time maybe some teenagers can be aware of what our country is going through and what it has already been through.

Thank you if you still do care about my opinions and thoughts, it does help me for the near future. I have convinced a few of these hardcore liberals in order to do what's right. Most of the teenage student body gather false information from the media. Half of them couldn't answer me when I asked them, "Why do you think President Bush is a bad president?" And when they didn't exactly give me reasons. I fear that media is gaining control of a lot of things, but there are people out there. Ones from my generation, that actually care. They can think for themselves and know the difference between good or bad morals.

With this short post, I bid you all adue and I greatly appreciated your comments.