Monday, January 22, 2007

My deepest apologies

To everyone who was concerned, I did leave for an extremely long time. I guess I lost interest in writing daily. I've been very busy with social activities and schoolwork. I really do enjoy discussing about politics, but it seems that there's no time. I'm just a normal high school girl, and I do want to enjoy life along the way. I don't plan on returning for quite sometime and my dearest apologies to all who've read my blog and have been there since the beginning.

I'm now 15, my birthday was September 27. This is the week of my midterms, so right now I'm studying Driver's theory. I took extra writing classes such as Journalism and Creative Writing. I plan on continuing this site in the summer. I'm not totally abandoning it. Usually, I have nothing to do in the summer so why not spend time researching again :)

Thank you to all the readers. And I'm truely sorry for leaving you hanging.