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My dad's email

Hey, check this out... TOPIC... the jury was wrong or right... he didn't get the death penalty... maybe that's a good thing since he wanted to die killing americans as a marytar to islam... this way he can sit and think about it for the rest of his life, why make him happy? After all death was his goal. Oh, and he's not crazy, Islamic extremists have been doing this throughout history (centeries, not decades)... Screw France; they don't care about anyone but themselves and have no spine to stand up for what is right... Example Vietnam, WW1, WW2, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, first Gulf War, second Gulf War. What a bunch of losers who try to impose their loser values and government on our country! OK ... I feel better now. --RC

By Michelle Malkin · May 04, 2006
10:00 AM

Jacques Chirac wants to come to Zacarias Moussaoui's rescue. Because I guess, you
know, they don't have enough aggrieved jihadists to deal with in France. (Bryan Preston
asks: "Rescue him from what? So France can not kill him, too?)
Ed Morrissey is right on:
This is a small taste of what
would have occurred if the jury had given Moussaoui the death penalty. The
French government would have given this much more visibility even today had that
occurred, and it would have continued for years until we executed the supposedly
mentally ill terrorist. As it is, if the French want to confirm American opinion
of their nation, then they should by all means pursue this diplomatic effort. It
will give us plenty of opportunity to remind the Chirac government of its lack
of fidelity in its pledge to support us if we went back to the Security Council
just once more on Iraq. We can also talk about all of the bilateral efforts
between Paris and Baghdad that undermined the sanctions regime, sent military
arms to Saddam Hussein, and paid bribes and kickbacks to the Ba'athist regime
that Oil-For-Food specifically sought to sideline.
If the French get their
hands on Moussaoui, we will only wake up a few years later to French
pronouncements of miracle cures and rehabilitation, and watch the video of the
AQ terrorist gleefully leaving the French prison over the protests of the
American government. We do not wish to rely on French tenacity in the war on
terror; we learned that lesson a long time ago. Let the French try to invoke
whatever treaties they want to request Moussaoui's extradition, and let them
stomp their feet when we tell them to pound sand.
Moussaoui speaks out. Says we will never catch bin Laden.
Peggy Noonan doesn't mince words: They should have killed him.

Haha, I agree. I love you dad!


At 10:34 PM, Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Thanks for the link to Peggy Noonan's column. She is awesome!!

At 6:10 AM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

Moussaoui should have received the death penalty. For Muslims, dying at infidel hands after failing in a jihad is ignominious defeat.

Conservative Kat,
As you are a Christian, you might be interested in reading what Avenging Apostate, former Muslim and now a Christian, has to say about Islam. Go here, and follow the links. Avenging Apostate posts from time to time at Pedestrian Infidel.

At 6:23 PM, Blogger The Reality Show said...

What a cool dad, cool-Kat has...
Here is what I wrote about the 'Cartoon Jihad'


It´s only Muslims themselves that draw their ''prophet''
My take or our take on the 'Cartoon Jihad' or of the opportunists to loot & murder by incited Muslim masses upon the 'infidels'.

Most of us never gave too much attention to that creature, that they regard as a 'prophet', though we heard about the cancer of radical Islam for quite some time, of Islamists hijacking airplanes, mass killing in Nigeria, East Timor, India, massacring the Christians in Lebanon, 'Muslim brothers' group's rampage in Egypt, blowing up innocent Israelis, men, women & children, etc.

We knew of that cancer of radical Muslims' global terrorism that just kept on growing, again, we didn't really pay too much attention, even ater we in the US were hit in the WTC on 1993 by Arab Muslims led by their 'spiritual' leader/cleric, whice the terrorists Islamists call a "holyman".

Would we picture Muhammad like that sick cleric?

September 11, 2001, the Islamist enemy invaded again our bedroom, massacred 3,000 innocent people for no reason other than being non Muslim, other than being members of the free world, for no other reason than ordinary citizens belonging to the strongest non Islamic power, for no reason other than belonging ordinary citizens of the most powerful backbone of the free world, i.e. the USA.

How would we picture Muhammad then?

As if it wasn't enough, the diabolical "desert" of Arabs, Muslims dance of the devil, freshly after poor people jumped off the windows in desperate attempt in vain, to save themselves from the cruel trapped fire, the Islamists have created, when innocent screaming men, women were burned into ashes, when girls' throats were slite by coward Islamists butchers, when thousands of humans just went up in smoke... the Arabs, the Muslims rejoiced, showed 'proudly' those teeth from hell, "Palestinians" were fed sweets by "lovely" mnothers, the same sick moms (of that sick cult called: 'Palestinian freedom fighters') that wouldn't hesitate stuffing up their poor kids unto the suicide-genocide wagon -- with that same happiness -- cashing the blood money from friendly Arab gulf states, these "hero" moms get for giving their kids as "martyrs".

How would we picture Muhammad then & What if he´s a female?

And we Americans that are such a tolerant people, tried so hard (still do) not to brush you (Muslims) all with the same brush, then we read the shocking reality that most of you invent "theories" asbout 9/11, that many of you even "deny this magnitude of massacre even happened", this at the same breath , you so hypocrtically (even while pretending to denounce terrorism) give us that sick "explanation" of why Muslims did the inexcusable.

How would we picture that creature 'Muhammad', like Bin Laden (still a "holy hero" by so many Muslims), Muhammad Atta, Arafat? or like that proud Muslim age 18-90 with a V-sign while an entire nation mourns shoulder to shoulder, while hero Americans still collect bodyparts with tears and anguish.

How did the British picture Muhammad after the London bombing massacre?

Or the Spanish, after the Madrid bombing massacre?

What do they expect of the Indians that count over 15,000,000 victims of the 'religion of peace'?

Or the Christians in: Nigeria, Sudan, Lebanon, slaves, including sex-slaves in very religious-Islamic "royal" Saudi Arabia?

Or the French, after Algerians bombed the French subways or in their overall led massacre campaign on their own, ending in over 100,000 Algerian, Arab on Arab, Muslim on Muslim genocide?

Or the millions in Iran, crushed under that dictator Islamic Hitler lunatic?

Or the poor slaves in Sudan, those that know about the 2,000,000 -- already -- perished, while thousands more are being maimed, tortured, and killed by Arab Muslims?

How does the west picture the leader of the masses that hold a sign: 'Europe, take some lessons from 9/11'! (whatever happened to those 9/11 "theories" Islamists were so stubborn about, then again, contradiction in Jihad is as normal it is abnormal as a whole, take for example the terrorist of 9/11 Muhammad Atta's visit to the hookers, the night before...).

What do Muslims protesters (-- sorry -- radical wildmenm) really think, that the cartoonists "gave it all"?


Not even close!

There is no pen to able to to draw that "creature" in our minds,. Ahmed! want a better picture of Muhammad?
Change yourself!
Boy, you got a hell of a job to do, most of you, including those "moderates".

But "thanks" to your behaviour, we do -- somehow -- picture your so called "prophet", and no! it's not a pretty picture, not a bit.

You can burn papers, boycott entire countries in your apartheid, the apartheid & intolerance, you know so well to do anyhow [yet demand from others not to behave as you do], but you won't erase that "picture" of Muhammad you drew it in the west's mind, I suggest, if you wouldn't like to be offended, don't even try to describe it.

Or, you have the better way-option, the imnperative one, to change yourself from top to bottom!

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