Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sailors Save Iraqi Contract Worker

SEE!! The military doesn't just take people's lives like the media always reports. They help people too!

from the article here:

By Journalist 2nd Class Cassandra Thompson, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/Commander, U.S. 5th Fleet Public Affairs

KHAWR AL AMAYA OIL TERMINAL, Iraq (NNS) -- The quick response of two USS Port Royal (CG 73) crew members saved the life of an Iraqi contract worker overcome by smoke inhalation while fighting a fire on Khawr Al Amaya oil terminal (KAAOT) May 26.

As part of the Commander, Task Group (CTG) 158.1 emergency response team, Chief Hospital Corpsman Doreen Lehner and Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Heather Watts were the only medical personnel on the scene when an Iraqi Southern Oil Company worker collapsed due to smoke inhalation.

Injuries from smoke inhalation and the toxic by-products of combustion in fires account for 75 percent of fire-related deaths in the United States. Typically, the victim’s lungs fill up with mucus and fluid, making it difficult to breathe. Oxygen deficiency leads to further complications, including tissue hypoxia (stiffening of the extremities) and finally, loss of consciousness.

Lehner and Watts were on Port Royal’s rigid-hull inflatable boat (RHIB) when Cmdr. Eric Phipps, CTG 158.1 deputy commander, received word that the Iraqi had collapsed on the north side of the platform. He immediately dispatched the two corpsmen to the scene.

“He was breathing, but struggling, when we got there,” explained Lehner. “Then he slipped out of consciousness. He had a very weak pulse, and he was posturing (the stiffening of the extremities associated with hypoxia). I knew we needed to give him an IV (intravenous feed).”

Lehner and Watts had to overcome the language barrier between them and the victim’s co-workers to convince them that he needed an IV.

“I knew he was probably dehydrated, but when I gave him the IV, he stopped breathing for two to three minutes,” Lehner said.

The independent duty trained corpsman then attempted to insert a breathing tube down his throat.

“He was unconsciously fighting the tube, but he hadn’t breathed in about two minutes,” she said. “I knew we were losing him.”

“His jaw was clenched tight and his tongue was blocking his airway,” related Watts, a native of Pharr, Texas. “It was pretty scary. I was just trying to stay focused and grab everything chief was asking for. His friends were on either side of him helping us, rubbing his arms and legs to help with circulation, and praying and encouraging him to breathe.”

Lehner said she was afraid to move the Iraqi in his weakened condition, even though the platform was being evacuated. Phipps, who was torn between concern for the safety of his Sailors and the well-being of the victim, stayed with Lehner and Watts throughout the ordeal.

“There was still a certain amount of risk on the platform, but it was obvious that he was badly injured,” Phipps said. “We had to make the decision to do whatever we could to help him and the other terminal workers.”

Lehner said in desperation, she tried to insert the oral airway again. This time, it provoked his gag reflex and stimulated him to gasp for air.

“It was like he came back to life,” said Lehner. “He quickly sat up and he gasped for air, then started coughing, and coughed out a lot of that fluid. I cleared his airway, got all the fluid out and utilized the bag-valve-mask to provide rescue breathing. Then we hurried him out of there.”

The Iraqi was transported via RHIB to nearby USS Ogden (LPD 5). He stopped breathing three times before they got to their destination and had to have the oral airway reinserted to prompt his reflexes again. The team then evacuated him via helicopter to USS Peleliu (LHA 5), which has a very capable medical facility aboard. He is currently in Basra and in good condition.

“This is the first time that I’ve saved somebody’s life,” said Watts. “And it’s a reward in itself, like you’re walking on air. It’s amazing.”

Port Royal, as part of Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) 3, is deployed in support of maritime security operations (MSO) in the North Persian Gulf. MSO help set the conditions for security and stability in the North Persian Gulf and protect Iraq’s sea-based infrastructure to help provide the Iraqi people the opportunity for self-determination.



Sunday, May 28, 2006


Happy Memorial Day!
God Bless all of the people who fought and died honorably for our country.
And God Bless the people still fighting today.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Vote Ginty for NJ's Senate

Here's why!!

John P. Ginty

Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Primary Election Date is June 6, 2006
(Currently collecting petition signatures due April 10, 2006 for ballot qualification)

Short Biography
*Bergen County Republican Committeeman, 1998 to present
*Ridgewood Republican Club president, 1999-2003
*Financial Data analyst at a major New York City-based publishing company
*U.S. Navy, submarine force, 1988-1993
*University of Notre Dame (1988), University of Chicago Business School (1995), Rutgers Law School (2003)

Issues (partial list)
*Supports the establishment of Border Security, opposes any proposed “amnesty” program for illegal aliens
*Supports Marriage Protection Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
*100% Pro-Life
*Opposes embryonic stem cell research or experimentation
*Supports the elimination of federal government involvement in education and the abolition of the federal Department of Education
*Supports the War on Terror
*Supports all provisions of the U.S. Constitution, including the Second Amendment
*Supports the presidential line-item veto
*Supports making the Bush tax cuts permanent
*Supports the incremental creation of Social Security private accounts for younger workers
*Favors unrestricted availability of Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) to American workers
*Supports a strong Patriot Act
*Supports the appointment of federal judges who will interpret the Constitution as written by the Founders
*Opposes reference to foreign law by American judges in any federal legal case concerning the interpretation of the US Constitution
*Opposes International Criminal Court jurisdiction over American military personnel under any circumstances
*Opposes the UN-sponsored Law of the Sea Treaty

I hope he wins!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Politically Uncorrect"

Did anyone watch Academy of Country Music Awards? I sure did, and it was awesome. I just thought that the greatest song ever was "Politically Uncorrect" by Gretchen Wilson was amazing. You can listen to the song ~>here<~. It's really a great song. Also, Rascal Flatts is another one of my favorite country bands. Really great people, and did you noticed when every one of these country singers won an award, they'd thank God. That's special and you rarely see that on television, so I was happy.
"I'm for the low man on the totem pole
And I'm for the underdog God bless his soul
And I'm for the guys still pulling third shift
And the single mom raisin' her kids
I'm for the preachers who stay on their knees
And I'm for the sinner who finally believes
And I'm for the farmer with dirt on his hands
And the soldiers who fight for this land
And I'm for the Bible and I'm for the flag
And I'm for the working man, me and ol' hag
I'm just one of many Who can't get no respect
Politically uncorrect"
--lyrics for song

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another reason why John Kerry would make a bad president...

Cross-posted from R Jay:

John sKerry joined most of his Democratic colleagues last weekin voting
to build a wall along 370 miles of the U.S.-Mexican border.

But he now says that after the wall is built it should be taken down
as soon as possible

Rest of the Article here.

Such a good post, I had to put it here. Plus making up for my lack of posts ^_^.
Thanks RJay.

One speaks up!

Good try though.
BTW: Sorry for my lack of posting lately, school has been getting hectic.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Homosexual rights?

Cross-posted from David Limbaugh:

Gay "Rights" -- Who Is Harassing Whom?

I suppose it's a matter of one's perspective, but it sure seems to me that if there is any special interest group aggressively pushing its agenda on society, it's the radical homosexual lobby. I don't assert this as some earth-shattering revelation or to prove my superior powers of observation. But it is amazing how many people have swallowed the homosexual activists' propaganda that it is heterosexual conservatives who are picking on them rather than the other way around.

A month or so ago I wrote a column about the incredible story of a librarian at Ohio State University at Mansfield who was met with a sexual harassment claim from three professors for suggesting that a number of conservative books be included on a recommended reading list for incoming freshmen. Since then, in my routine daily scanning of the news, I have come across stories almost every other day -- without particularly looking for them -- involving controversy over homosexual-related issues. Could this be an accident?

From April 27 through May 11, I ran across the following headlines: "Anti-Homosexual Bullying 'Endemic' in Schools, Study Says," "Parents' Suit Challenges Gay-Themed Book," "Christian Students Considering Lawsuit Over Suspensions," "California's 'Gay History' Bill Advances," "Gays Fight Citizens in Court," "Gay Ice Skaters Settle Hand-holding Harassment Case" and "Supreme Court Lets Lesbian Partner Be 'De Facto Parent.'"

The first story reports that 64 percent of homosexual students "reported feeling unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation," according to the fourth biennial National School Climate Survey conducted by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Activists are reportedly lobbying state and federal legislators to pass laws forbidding "harassment" based on sexual orientation or gender expression. If indeed these statistics are accurate, why won't ordinary school policies against harassment apply? Some believe the survey, which is apparently based on subjective impressions, is a tool for homosexual activists to normalize their lifestyle and suppress the expression of those who disagree.

The next story reports that two Lexington, Mass., couples have filed a federal lawsuit against school officials because elementary school teachers were giving out and reading storybooks with gay themes without advance notification to parents. Where are the zealots who always demand a pristine wall of separation between church and state? Are the schools not endorsing values driven by a particular worldview? This story illustrates the significance of the ruling of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that laws forbidding same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. Opponents say the ruling has emboldened Massachusetts gay rights advocates to push their agenda in schools and has chilled the rights of those with an opposing viewpoint.

The next item involves a group of 13 high school students in Roseville, Calif., who threatened to sue the school district for suspending them when they refused to remove shirts containing the message "Homosexuality is sin. Jesus can set you free." The students were counter-protesting GLSEN's "Day of Silence" project, which calls attention to anti-gay harassment. Whether or not you think the message is harsh, should its expression not be protected like all other speech?

The next story is nothing short of amazing. It reports that a committee of the California Senate has approved a bill requiring "gay history" to be included in public school textbooks. One provision of the bill would require all social studies textbooks to "study the role and contributions of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender with particular emphasis on portraying the role of these groups in contemporary society."

The next item tells of a judicial challenge by Massachusetts homosexual-rights activists to a proposed constitutional amendment to end same-sex "marriage." According to the Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), the state constitution doesn't permit citizen-initiated amendments to reverse judicial rulings. Now that's a novel approach: A judicially created provision of the constitution is stronger than its original provisions and its legally adopted amendments. How could anyone present this argument with a straight face?

The next story reports that a company sued by a pair of gay skaters who claimed they were harassed for holding hands "has agreed to hold monthly gay-straight skate nights, to sign an anti-discrimination pledge and to contribute $5,000 to two gay groups." The company will also post placards saying it is promoting diversity and will require its workers to undergo sensitivity training.

In the final story we learn that the U.S. Supreme Court has declined to review a ruling of the Washington Supreme Court granting parental rights to a lesbian in a child custody suit. The U.S. Supreme Court probably declined, justifiably, because these issues are usually matters of state law. But as we can see, the relentless march goes on -- and not just in the state of California.

I fully agree with his views. First of all, there shouldn't be any textbooks or school related things about "sexual orientation". What the heck are they teaching us? They're trying to say that conservative/republicans are against them and everything, yet they accuse us of hating them. It should be illegal for them to adopt children, that's just going way too far. I could list reasons why...but maybe I'll save that for another post. I just really liked this article.

By the way: All of my closest friends participated in the "Day of Silence"....very liberal, I know.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New stuff

Welcome to the youngest (I think?) blogging chick... conservativekat at A Place for Politics.

Yay!! I'm currently a blogging chick. Wanne be one too? Go Here.

And another one I'm contributing to is The Future of America-Generation R


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Duke Rape...or should I say lies

Alright well, we all know that something did happen to this lady. But, I don't like how these wacko liberals accuse 3 men just because she thinks they raped her. First of all, she's a stripper, she was DRUNK, and she said that the man had a mustache. The guy has pictures to prove that he never had a mustache. (Or I've heard from Sean Hannity's radio show). Besides the sources of semen was from her boyfriend's DNA. Can't people see that? Can't anyone see that?
From CBS News:
The black woman, a 27-year-old stripper and college student, told police she was raped and beaten by three white men around midnight at an off-campus party thrown by Duke's lacrosse team. The racially charged allegations have led Duke to cancel the highly ranked team's season and accept the resignation of its coach.

I really don't know why they're making it into a racial matter either.

From CNN:

She and another woman were hired to perform as dancers there. The case has inflamed racial and economic divisions in Durham, which is home to both the accuser's historically black public university and the elite Duke. She is African-American; the accused are white.

From ABC News:
The second round of DNA test results in the Duke University rape investigation show "no conclusive match'' to any lacrosse players, defense attorneys said, but a vaginal swab of the alleged rape victim produced DNA from a "single male source'' a man not on the lacrosse team who did not attend a March 13 party that was the site of the alleged rape.

From FOX News:
One network has exclusive photos of the accuser, released to show her supposedly smiling, except her face is covered to protect her "privacy", (an absurd notion at this point), not to mention a total contradiction of the justification for releasing the picture in the first instance.

If this woman is lying, she will not only be humiliated publicly but could be prosecuted criminally. Her life will be ruined. It would be far far easier to admit you were drunk.

It's getting out of control. Personally, I think she is lying. How can someone possibly remember if they were drunk in the first place. Plus, all the evidence doesn't add up. She's gonna get into real deep crap if she keeps this up.

BTW: I did watch President Bush's immigration speech yesterday, I was indeed very disappointedted. I decided not to blog about it because everybody else was writing about it. Why repeat the same thing over and over?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Funny, funny, funny...

Pictures on comments from Myspace Republicans:

Saturday, May 13, 2006

an awesome success

I finally got my savings bond for the Political Science Symposium. I had to be put into a group of five people from different schools. The assignment was to create our own form of the government. We argued a lot, mostly because I was the only conservative over-ruled by four left wing nuts. They were all older then me too, but I guess most younger teens aren't into politics. Anyway, we came to final agreements. Apparently our presentation was the best and we all got awarded $50 in our savings bond.

The lines that are green I put in, because it specifies where I live

Here are some pictures of our board:
Click here for our made up Constitution
Click here for our made up Executive Branch
Click here for our made up Legislative Branch
Click here for our made up Judicial Branch

By the Way,
I thank all of the Mother's who support our country.
I thank all of the Mother's who are in the military and who are missing their families right now.
I love you Mom, I wish you could be with us, but I want you to know that we all love you and can't wait until you get home soon.

I wish all of the Mothers a wonderful Mother's Day!

Right on the Right Chat

Please, my close friend and I are trying to get a discussion in his chatroom. Feel free to drop by his blog Right on the Right and leave a message on the Cbox. Thank you!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Good Quote

Slogan found at:
Edited by: me!!

my spanish class

Our teacher was discussing the whole immigrant issue, which was extremely bias and in a different point of view. She knew illegal immigrants and interviewed them, she read her interviews outloud to the class. There was a great deal of compassionate stories of these illegal immigrants with troubles and such, but she didn't give the moral point of view. A typical aspect on a liberals point of view. Made me kind of angry so in between her words, A classmate and myself would give out sly remarks. In which she ignored anyway, but atleast I hope the students understood what I was trying to point out.

Another updated Article.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush will speak from the Oval Office Monday
about immigration and border security, hot-button issues that have inspired
massive demonstrations and a growing political divide.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Assimilation 101

Immigration: A large group of House Republicans have called for ballots to be
printed only in English. It would send a much-needed message to every immigrant. Last week, speaking at the White House's Cinco de Mayo celebration,
President Bush noted that "America has thrived as a nation because we've always
welcomed newcomers, who in turn embrace our values and our way of life."
He quickly added, "Those who come here to start new lives in our country have a responsibility to understand what America is about and the responsibility to learn the English language so they can better nderstand our national character and participate fully in American life."
This week, Steve King, R-Iowa, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, will propose that the panel let the language assistance provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act expire. That law was amended in 1975 to require some areas to provide bilingual ballots.
In a letter to Chairman James Sensenbrenner, King and 55 other House Republicans
complained that the law's multilingual provisions "encourage the linguistic division of our nation and contradict the 'melting pot' ideal that has made us the most successful multiethnic nation on earth." Non-English ballots, they said, are "a serious affront to generations of immigrants past and present that have made great sacrifices to learn English."
King's letter also showed how multilingual balloting can undermine the election process. This happened at six voting sites in Queens, N.Y., in 2000, when several thousand voters used Chinese ballots that actually had the names of the political parties reversed.
King cites two General Accounting Office studies showing that in many cases the
bilingual ballots are hardly used, yet hundreds of counties are required to
waste millions in local taxpayer dollars to have such materials available on
Election Day. Los Angeles County alone had to spend over $2 million in the 2004
election providing ballots in seven languages.
King and his colleagues say multilingual ballots "divide our country, increase the risk of voter error and fraud, and burden local taxpayers." King is sponsor of the English Language Unity Act, which would make English the official language of the U.S., an idea polls show has strong support among immigrants themselves.
The American motto "E Pluribus Unum" — "out of many, one" — is the perfect maxim for immigrants who find success and happiness in the Land of Opportunity. But while the "Pluribus" refers to ethnicity, creed and places of origin, the "Unum"
always has and always must reflect our common American culture and nationality.
"We have but one flag," Theodore Roosevelt once said. "We must also learn one language, and that language is English."

I apologize for not writing about this article, but I loved it so I thought I'd put it out here. Lately, my teachers have been drilling all of the students. Personally, I think they're struggling to get all of the curriculum finished before the end of the year. Only a month more of school!


BTW: If your an investor, guarantee that's the best newspaper you could ever get.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The Politics of Anger on the Left

McCain's Cool, but Allen's the Goal

Article I read from U.S. & World Report News, yay GO ALLEN!
I would soooooo vote for this guy, if I could!

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain might be getting all the
headlines for burying the hatchet with political foe Jerry Falwell and agreeing
to speak at the reverend's Liberty University. But that doesn't mean the Arizona
senator is Falwell's guy in 2008. In fact, he sounds more like a Sen. George
Allen fan. Just consider whom he wants to speak at the 2008 commencement.
"Everyone asks if I support John McCain. Well, we agree on some things and not
on others," Falwell tells us. "I am glad he is coming to speak. I hope to have
President Bush speak next year and George Allen speak the year after that." In
other commencement news, former President Bush is in another first: He and
former first lady Barbara will give the May 21 address to George Washington
University grads. The weekend before, Bush and former President Clinton will be
making history by teaming to give the speech at Tulane University.


Monday, May 08, 2006

The Question...

I've been pondering on a question for some time, and thought I'd ask my History teacher about it. She seems pretty neutral, on the political issues. Which makes me happy. because thats how teachers are supposed to me. Anyway, I asked "Why isn't there a Civics class in High school? Isn't it important to know about your government?" and she just replied, "That's a really good question." We continued this interesting conversation and came to the conclusion of me writing a letter to the Principal. Explaining why I think school education should have Civics as a mandatory course. I know I'm moving this summer and I won't be able to attend this school anyway, but I think that I should help this place out a bit before I leave. That maybe I could open a few of these teenager's eyes, because a majority of them have no idea what America's going through. Plus these are the people that are going to be voting for our next election, I think they have a right to understand how our government works and the different partys and such. So does anyone have any suggestions I could put out?

Friday, May 05, 2006

You have GOT to be kidding me?!

Federal Judge Orders Removal of San Diego Hilltop Vets'
Thursday, May 04, 2006

SAN DIEGO — After a 17-year legal battle between the
city and a self-described atheist, a judge has ordered San Diego officials to
remove a giant cross from a hilltop park.
The 29-foot-high cross was
dedicated as a memorial to Korean War veterans in 1954 on a hilltop that towers over
seaside La Jolla.
Philip Paulson, an atheist and Vietnam veteran, has been
challenging its placement on city-owned parkland since 1989. He declined comment
on the ruling Wednesday, but his attorney, James McElroy, said he hoped city
officials would finally back down.
U.S. District Judge Gordon Thompson Jr.
gave the city 90 days to comply with a 1991 injunction forbidding the cross on
public property or start paying $5,000 a day in fines.
"It is now time, and
perhaps long overdue," the judge wrote.
Defying the order is something
cash-strapped San Diego can ill afford. Its pension fund is more than $1 billion
in debt, the federal government is investigating, and there has been talk of
Still, Mayor Jerry Sanders said he would ask the city attorney to

The city has tried to sell the half-acre beneath the cross to a
nonprofit association that maintains the surrounding memorial walls. But federal
judges have repeatedly blocked the sale, saying the transactions were designed
to favor a buyer who would keep the cross in place. The U.S. Supreme Court
refused to hear the city's appeal in 2003.
A city-sponsored referendum asking
permission from residents to sell the property failed in 2004. The next year, 75
percent of the voters approved a referendum to transfer the land to the federal
government, but a Superior Court judge ruled that measure to be an
"unconstitutional aid to religion." The ruling has been appealed.

THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE DOWN THAT CROSS! What ever happened to the 1st amendment?! Just thrown right out the window, way-to-go 9th circuit. This is why I don't live in California

My dad's email

Hey, check this out... TOPIC... the jury was wrong or right... he didn't get the death penalty... maybe that's a good thing since he wanted to die killing americans as a marytar to islam... this way he can sit and think about it for the rest of his life, why make him happy? After all death was his goal. Oh, and he's not crazy, Islamic extremists have been doing this throughout history (centeries, not decades)... Screw France; they don't care about anyone but themselves and have no spine to stand up for what is right... Example Vietnam, WW1, WW2, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, first Gulf War, second Gulf War. What a bunch of losers who try to impose their loser values and government on our country! OK ... I feel better now. --RC

By Michelle Malkin · May 04, 2006
10:00 AM

Jacques Chirac wants to come to Zacarias Moussaoui's rescue. Because I guess, you
know, they don't have enough aggrieved jihadists to deal with in France. (Bryan Preston
asks: "Rescue him from what? So France can not kill him, too?)
Ed Morrissey is right on:
This is a small taste of what
would have occurred if the jury had given Moussaoui the death penalty. The
French government would have given this much more visibility even today had that
occurred, and it would have continued for years until we executed the supposedly
mentally ill terrorist. As it is, if the French want to confirm American opinion
of their nation, then they should by all means pursue this diplomatic effort. It
will give us plenty of opportunity to remind the Chirac government of its lack
of fidelity in its pledge to support us if we went back to the Security Council
just once more on Iraq. We can also talk about all of the bilateral efforts
between Paris and Baghdad that undermined the sanctions regime, sent military
arms to Saddam Hussein, and paid bribes and kickbacks to the Ba'athist regime
that Oil-For-Food specifically sought to sideline.
If the French get their
hands on Moussaoui, we will only wake up a few years later to French
pronouncements of miracle cures and rehabilitation, and watch the video of the
AQ terrorist gleefully leaving the French prison over the protests of the
American government. We do not wish to rely on French tenacity in the war on
terror; we learned that lesson a long time ago. Let the French try to invoke
whatever treaties they want to request Moussaoui's extradition, and let them
stomp their feet when we tell them to pound sand.
Moussaoui speaks out. Says we will never catch bin Laden.
Peggy Noonan doesn't mince words: They should have killed him.

Haha, I agree. I love you dad!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The C-R-A-Z-Y lady

Movie seen here, from Hot Air
Watch this insane lady. Racism, that's exactly what she established. People of color can't be racist...Is what she states at the end. Is she absolutely ignorant or what?!
I understand that there are some extremely racist people out there, but some use their color for advantage. I lived in Hawaii for quite sometime and the kids used to call me Haole. They would call all white people Haole. When we were trying to buy a house on the island, the classifieds said you had to be hawaiian to buy a certain house. People said that it wasn't being racist it was expressing their "culture". A majority of the racial problems involve blacks.
They use the same excuse, "You just ______, because I'm black." Didn't Martin Luther fix this whole situation? Now some blacks use it to their advantage.
I just want to let EVERYONE know. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted peace between everyone, not just whites against blacks, but blacks against whites as well.
I may have went a little off topic, but you get the point.

Monday, May 01, 2006

It's OUR country NOT theirs

Listen..with the whole situation about Mexican's trying to change our Nation's Anthem, it's just wrong. PERIOD. There's nothing more to say, our country's anthem has been a part of history since the beginning. What makes these Mexican's think they can change it? It's ENGLISH for a REASON.

WE ARE NOT MEXICANS! We are American's, our language is english. It will stay that way, and immigrants from other countries (ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS for that matter) have no right to change anything. They are not Americans. They didn't work hard to become citizens, and quite frankly, I don't think they even care.

In response to the "Nuestro Himno" illegal alien anthem nonsense, I thought it
would be nice to celebrate the history of our national anthem--instead of
rewriting it to pander to ethnic grievance-mongers who don't respect Amerian
laws or traditions.

Michelle Malkin has the rest here and with the previous links

Immigrants are going BONKERS

Demonstrators across the United States -- including about 100,000 in Chicago --
missed work and school Monday, protesting Congress' attempts to toughen
immigration laws. The "Day Without Immigrants" rallies are intended to show the
economic power of illegal and legal immigrants.

CNN's Full story.

I still feel the same way as before