Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sorry Bush...

Yes, our President Bush, I've been on his side for many different issues, but this one I can't seem to understand. Which would be the immigration issue. I think he totally blew that decision.

Here's part of his speech:

"The contributions of immigrants to America continue. About 14 percent of our
nation's civilian workforce is foreign-born. Most begin their working lives in
America by taking hard jobs and clocking long hours in important industries.
Many immigrants also start businesses, taking the familiar path from hired labor
to ownership.

As a Texan, I have known many immigrant families, mainly from Mexico, and I have
seen what they add to our country. They bring to America the values of faith in
God, love of family, hard work and self reliance -- the values that made us a
great nation to begin with. We've all seen those values in action, through the
service and sacrifice of more than 35,000 foreign-born men and women currently
on active duty in the United States military. One of them is Master Gunnery
Sergeant Guadalupe Denogean, an immigrant from Mexico who has served in the
Marine Corps for 25 years and counting. Last year, I was honored and proud to
witness Sergeant Denogean take the oath of citizenship in a hospital where he
was recovering from wounds he received in Iraq. I'm honored to be his
Commander-in-Chief, I'm proud to call him a fellow American. "

I think that he's in the right direction, but taking in the wrong text. Immigrants do indeed help us, but not all of them. Thing is, they aren't Americans. They are not citizens and they shouldn't be excepted as a citizen without going through our law system. Just think about the people that came here legally. You're basically giving citizenship to those illegal aliens. They are trying to take over our Country!!

"We are people of dignity, and we demand respect," Mr. Gutierrez said at the
rally. "This is the beginning of a movement that is going to call for a national
work stoppage." Another ANSWER member who spoke at the
rally, Gloria La Riva said: "The racist politicians thought they could step on
us with their racist legislation, but they have awakened the immigrant giant,
and they will feel our strength when we stop work."

Rally organizer tied to Marxist party [see story] :




At 9:55 PM, Blogger roberto. said...

i don't really think they're trying to take over the country. most illegal immigrants are from third world countries and are uneducated. and we can't just kick illegal immigrants out. but i agree though, immigrants can't just come here unlawfully. so i'm kinda half and half when it comes to this.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger conservativekat said...

Roberto, you half-n-half when it comes to anything. But you still gotta promise to visit me soon. I miss our clique. <3

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