Monday, April 17, 2006

OH WOW!! Hannity supports Bush?!

My father sent this article to me that I thought was quite amusing.

A news station was actually suprised that Sean Hannity suports Bush. The reason why I find this amusing, is because...Liberals don't take in anything. Absolutely nothing. Sean goes against democrats who question our country; he even defends Bush at times. What makes liberals think he doesn't support President Bush? There are, in fact, a few disagreements between Hannity and Bush. But, no man is perfect. People make mistakes. It get's me aggravated how people bash President Bush for his little mistakes, but when Clinton was one seemed to disagree with his bizarre ideals. Hmm...I wonder why...[sarcasm]
Here are a few quotes I enjoyed from the article:

"Let me be straight with you -- I like George Bush," Hannity
said. "I think he's a man of principle, a man of faith. I think he's got a
backbone of steel and he's a real, genuine, big-time leader ... He's a
consequential figure for his time. We don't see it right now."
Hannity has criticized the Dubai ports deal for being a threat
to national security. During the debate on immigration, he takes a much tougher
line than the president on illegal workers and in seeking more secure borders.
While this may upset the president's supporters and some of Hannity's fans,
Henican believes Hannity gains wider credibility by exhibiting something other
than unquestioned support for Bush. "I say these things every day," Hannity
said. "Liberal critics don't hear me say it."
"I am going to start the stop-Hillary express!" he vowed.
"I don't hate the Democrats," he said. "I have fun with the
Democrats. As a matter of fact, I use them for a lot of fun on the air. What
they're saying is serious -- while we're at war, and while the president is
sending troops in harm's way after the worst attack in history. There's a big
difference between that and joking about Bill Clinton's sexcapades."
I'm with you 100% Hannity!!!

UGH...Kerry, that really lowers your dignity!


At 1:32 PM, Blogger The Reality Show said...

That was a very intelligent post - Kat.
I really enjoyed it.
Sean is the greatest.

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Great post!! Totally with ya and Sean too, obviously. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

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