Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Arrest her for Assault!!!

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A Georgia congresswoman struck a Capitol Hill police officer "in his chest with a closed fist" after the officer tried to stop her from going
around a metal detector last month, according to a police report.

Well, I heard a lot about this incident and I think that she should be charged for assault. She needs to go to jail! First of all, she blamed the issue on the police man and based it on racism. McKinney hit the police officer, and said that he was only

When the officer -- identified in the report as Paul McKenna -- tried to
stop her because he didn't recognize her as a member of Congress, the
altercation began.

because she was black. But, I think it might have been the other way around. And that she only hit him because he was white. I'm not sure, just a few of my family's opinions. Anyway, she should be arrested even for slightly apologizing:

"There should not have been any physical contact in this incident," she
said. "I am sorry that this misunderstanding happened at all, and I regret its
escalation and I apologize."

I don't think that's a real apology for beating on someone. She basically just said I'm sorry for this problem and how it got out of control. She never apologized to the policeman she punched at. Assault is Assault and regular people that do that, go to jail.