Sunday, April 30, 2006

Colbert Bombs

Michelle Malkin at Hot Air has the news & video:

In Colbert’s defense, he might not have been playing for laughs. The dissident
posture is very important to our friends on the left; if SC had kept things
light and wasted his opportunity to speak “truth” to power, they’d have
crucified him for it. As it is, the moonbats will be building statues of him
tomorrow. To paraphrase another delusional comedian who wasn’t as funny as he
thought he was, better to be Kos for a night than a schmuck for a lifetime.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

What a Crook.

Hannity and Colmes owning an anti-military scumbag
Even though I'm a little late on it, I still love watching Hannity tearing apart these kind of disrepecting people.

Thank you, Mr. President

I disagree with Bush with the immigration policy he's chosen (stated earlier), but a great stand for our Nation's Anthem:

"One of the things that's very important is, when we debate this issue,
that we not lose our national soul," the president exclaimed. "One of the great
things about America is that we've been able to take people from all walks of
life bound as one nation under God. And that's the challenge ahead of us."
When the president was asked at a Rose Garden question-and-answer session
whether the anthem should be sung in Spanish, he replied: "I think the national
anthem ought to be sung in English, and I think people who want to be a citizen
of this country ought to learn English and they ought to learn to sing the
national anthem in English."

Damn Straight!

Thank you Reality Show for the pic!


Thursday, April 27, 2006

The naughty chair

My dad was watching this show called Nanny 911, we were talking this morning about it, and related it to liberals. The show showed the parents trying to discipline their kids. Then the kids would reply, "No! No! Your wrong, your a loser, no!" We related this to the liberals that don't always get their way, then blaming and insulting everyone else.

What the Nanny did was put the kids in a naughty chair for a time-out. And she said, "No, you don't do bad things like that, and your going to start listening" Basically, the Nanny took the control and power away from the kids, so that they couldn't argue.

My dad and I were saying:
Well, we need to get some of these liberals and put them in the naughty chair. Maybe that can straighten them out. Kind of sad that we have to compare democrats to children, but that's really what they act like.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Liberal compassion...BOO...

Michelle's piece on liberal compassion

President Bush accuses those of us who want to secure America's borders and
fully enforce our immigration laws of lacking "compassion."
Huh. Well, I have yet to hear an ounce of compassion from President Bush for America's countless casualties of lax immigration enforcement. Where's the sympathy for innocent, law-abiding citizens who have lost their lives at the hands of illegal aliens and their open-borders enablers? Shoddy fingerprint databases, immigration paperwork negligence, and unpoliced borders led to:

* The bludgeoning death of Florida teenager Jesse Howell and the rape and strangulation murder of his fiancé, Wendy Von Huben.
* The bludgeoning death of University of Kentucky student Christopher
Maier and the rape and near-murder of his girlfriend, who survived the
* The murder of Leafie Mason, an elderly Texas whom Resendiz hammered
to death with a fire iron.
* The rape, stabbing, and bludgeoning death of Baylor College of Medicine researcher Claudia Benton.
* The sledgehammer bludgeonings of Texas pastor Norman Sirnic and his wife, Karen.
* The bludgeoning death of Houston teacher Noemi Dominguez.
* The murder of elderly Texas widow Josephine Konvicka, who was killed with a grubbing hoe.
* The murders of George Morber, shot in the head, and Carolyn Frederick, clubbed to death.

Read the rest! I thought it expressed conservatism of the issue in a moral well manner.



PLEASE? MAY I LIST ANY MORE? There's plenty...and here liberals speak of compassion. That's a load of BS.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


NO NO NO BUSH! Can't you see your like turning liberal on us on this kind of issue!
I read in this Article and I just got very disappointed. I just, I'm totally against his whole view of immigration.

"I know this is an emotional debate," Bush told the Orange County Business
Council. "But one thing we can't lose site of is that we are talking about human
beings, decent human beings."

I know they are human beings, but you are getting way off the topic. They entered our country without permission, it's not like they're helping our country in any way. I understand that people have been living here for quite sometime, but that still doesn't ignore that fact that it's still illegal.

"You can be a nation of law and be a compassionate nation at the same time," he
said to applause.

Not if everyone breaks the law...
Oh boy...


Monday, April 24, 2006

Congrats Malkin!!

Her News Site, I LOVE IT!!!

I made some very minor changes to her banner though. =)


McKinney's 'fool remark'...

I think this lady is completely crazy. If you watch her remark on the CNN website here she got caught without noticing her mic, and replied to another person
Oh crap now you know what...they lied to Coz and Coz is a fool

Then came back stateing that anything she said when she wasn't sitting or paying attention basically, then it shouldn't be expressed to the public. Which to me is like saying, "Ooopps! You can't tell no one and you have no right to!" By the way, Coz Carson, is one of her aids. Personally, she really pisses me off and should be arrested as I earlier stated.


Minutemen to build border fence:
By Jerry Seper
April 21, 2006

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), which has placed hundreds of civilian
volunteers on the Southwest border to stop illegal aliens from entering the
country, announced plans yesterday to build a high-security fence on private
land along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Thank God for them!!!

Rest of the article

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I love Calvin & Hobbes


Innocent people in misery

I just saw this on a blog, and it was just so depressing.
From:The Reality Show
What Palestinians Deliberately Did to 68 Innocent Men, Women and Children:

And children.
visiting a restaurant.
When suddenly
Pieces of human
Grievous wounds.
Watching her
son writhe in agony.
Watching their mother die.

Here's the Article

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Michelle Malkin has the news here:

Appearantly Mexico is already starting to take over our country; changing our nation's anthem.


Friday, April 21, 2006

so sad, but true


Opening of the baby human hunt

Love & Gone

By:'s just another poem I wrote.

I turned around,
as the wind caressed my face.
My heart begins to pound,
at the site of this place.

You grab my hand,
and hold it tight.
I figure a plan,
to jump back to the light.

I look into your eyes,
but it's just not the same.
My world began to collide,
at first you came.

As tears fell slowly,
I look down.
The wind brushes coldy,
as I fall to the ground.

He pulls me up,
and grabs me by the waist.
Then wipes the tears,
right off my face.

He promised that one day,
he will return.
I gave him one last kiss,
before my eyes began to burn.

As I watched him,
slowly walk away.
I prayed to God,
that he would be okay.

A couple months later,
I got the call.
My lips began to tremble,
and my heart began to fall.

The next day,
I wore all black and cried.
I wish it wasn't this way,
I wish he hadn't of died.

I miss him,
he was so young to this day.
And he broke his promise,
he said he would be okay.

As time passed by,
I thought of the memories we had made.
My brain begins to fry,
as the memories fade.

Then one day,
I found a letter.
As I read it,
I felt much better.

It said that he was sorry,
and that he loved me so.
I wished that the pain,
would just go.

We'll meet again,
and when you miss me dearly.
Just look at the stars,
and you'll see me clearly.

Yes, we'll meet again,
I have no doubt.
I'lll glance at the stars,
and will never pout.

For one day we will meet,
and be together.
Until then,
I'll wait forever...

because I love you.

the whole GAY issue

Well, as most of my friends know...I have 2 best friends that are gay. Or suposably gay, I don't think they even know who they are. They know I oppose the whole gay marriage and gay adoption thing. But my dad found yet abother article from David Limbaugh:

You have to be naive not to recognize that the radical homosexual lobby is
pushing its lifestyle on American society and using intimidation tactics, such
as we see here, to compel society's acceptance of homosexual behavior as
mainstream or normal. They say they just want to live and let live, but many of
them want far more than that. They want to live free of harassment themselves,
which I'm all for, but it doesn't appear they want to accord similar respect to
those not sharing their views.

Just check out the article on his site....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

that is MESSED up!

Are you having trouble? Are you black? Well never ever worry again, because The People's Cube can help you out by giving you a racecard:

My reply to that is...WHAT THE HELL?!!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! What kind of screwed up association is this?


Wednesday, April 19, 2006



Arrest her for Assault!!!

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A Georgia congresswoman struck a Capitol Hill police officer "in his chest with a closed fist" after the officer tried to stop her from going
around a metal detector last month, according to a police report.

Well, I heard a lot about this incident and I think that she should be charged for assault. She needs to go to jail! First of all, she blamed the issue on the police man and based it on racism. McKinney hit the police officer, and said that he was only

When the officer -- identified in the report as Paul McKenna -- tried to
stop her because he didn't recognize her as a member of Congress, the
altercation began.

because she was black. But, I think it might have been the other way around. And that she only hit him because he was white. I'm not sure, just a few of my family's opinions. Anyway, she should be arrested even for slightly apologizing:

"There should not have been any physical contact in this incident," she
said. "I am sorry that this misunderstanding happened at all, and I regret its
escalation and I apologize."

I don't think that's a real apology for beating on someone. She basically just said I'm sorry for this problem and how it got out of control. She never apologized to the policeman she punched at. Assault is Assault and regular people that do that, go to jail.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Truly touching...

I read this article an it touched me, I found it on Michelle Malkin's blog. And I fully appricate parents and others like these people.

Pray for the troops everyday...


There was another article, involving immigrantion in a different view.


My sentiments on immigration are inscribed at the foot of the Statue of Liberty:
". . . Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe
free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless,
tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door."
These words of poet Emma Lazarus served as the welcome mat for tens of millions seeking liberty and opportunity in America -- legally. Being a relatively land-rich and
labor-scarce nation, immigration has always been good for our country. Plus, for
most of our history, there was a guarantee that immigrants would come here to
work. The alternative was starvation.
With today's welfare state, there's no such guarantee. People can come here, not work and not starve because the welfare state guarantees that they can live off the rest of us.
At the heart of today's immigration problem is its illegality.
According to several estimates, there are 11 million people who are in our
country illegally, mostly from Mexico. Many people, including my libertarian
friends and associates, advance an argument that differs little from saying that
people anywhere in the world have a right to live in the United States
irrespective of our laws or preferences.
According to that vision, American people do not have a right to set either the number of people who enter our country or the conditions upon which they enter. Some of the arguments and terms used in the immigration debate defy reason. First, there's the refusal to call these people "illegal aliens." The politically preferred term is "undocumented workers," which is nothing less than verbal sleight-of-hand. After all, I, too, am an undocumented worker.
My colleague, Thomas Sowell, exposes some of this verbal sleight-of-hand in his recent column "Guests or Gate-Crashers?" He questions calling for "guest worker" status for people who, because they weren't invited, are not guests at all but gate-crashers. Sowell argues that the more substantive arguments for flaunting our immigration laws are just as phony.
How about the argument that "We can't catch all the illegals"?
That's true, but should we apply that principle to other illegal acts? For
example, we can't catch every rapist or burglar, but does it follow that we shouldn't try?
The base motives for much of the political response to illegal aliens are fear of losing the Hispanic vote and pressure by employers who want to maintain a source of cheap labor. Politicians are calling for "guest worker" programs, but they're really calling for amnesty. They are fearful of actually using that term because they know it's political suicide, but the "guest worker" proposal is essentially the same as amnesty.
The word amnesty comes from the Greek "amnestia," defined in part as: "the selective overlooking or ignoring of those events or acts that are not favorable or useful to one's purpose or position." That's what the proposed guest worker program essentially says: forget that you're here illegally.
In principle, the solution to people being in our country illegally is simple. No one in the country illegally should be eligible to receive any social services except emergency medical services. Efforts should be made to deport illegal aliens. Our borders should be made secure both against illegal entry of persons and potential threats to national security.
Finally, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services procedures for obtaining work permits and citizenship should be streamlined so that law-abiding people around the world can more easily contribute to and enjoy America's greatness.

I completely agree.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Quit comparing Bush to Hitler!!!

Here's my debate with a random person on LW:

Quote: from Jimbo99 at 6:21 pm on April 13, 2006
Before you start sending hate mail, remember that Bush doesn't have to kill 6 million Jews to have similarities to Hitler:

That's it. I am so sick of this issue, comparing President Bush to Hitler. It's an insult, how can you possibly call yourself an American? And with all of this bogus information, it basically tells me that your ignorant. Where's your proof? How can you prove these facts real? So in fact, you've got me in a complete rage. I'll prove every one of your theories incorrect.

-both groups want and are fiercely loyal to a nearly all-powerful leader

Groups? I'm assuming you meant the people. Americans, a majority, are not fierecely loyal to President Bush. As a matter of fact, they bash him like crazy. here is just a tiny dose of Bush Bashing

-both want to kill people who look, think, and believe differently than them

Yes, but your speaking only of Hitler. Answer this question..did Bush actually tell someone to kill another person? Did he kill anyone himself? Do you think he wants to kill anybody?
OF COURSE NOT! him and many others honor the troops that die

-both see violence and war as the solution to almost every problem

not bush, see all articles here

-both have scapegoats (for Nazis, it was Jews, gays, and the handicapped, for conservatives, it's liberals, gays, and Muslims)

Not true, Most of my friends are liberals, I have 3 best friends who are gay, and Muslims, a majority, deserves criticism. (AND I'M CONSERVATIVE)

-both fiercely hate gays and liberals

This is unfactual and redundant. Your saying the same things.

-both inject religion into politics and believe that God is pro-war and on their side

Look at America's history. Our four-fathers WERE Christian! LOOK HERE!

-both used a national disaster as an excuse to get whatever they want (Reichstag fire, 9/11)

So are you saying he planned those attacks? NO ONE KNEW THAT 9/11 WAS COMING!

-both waged wars of aggression in the interest of "national security"

What exactly is wrong with national security? What's wrong with protecting our country and for what it stands for? ...Hitler, manipulated the situation to gain his rise of power. Proof is here

-both have zero tolerance of dissent (remember how the French and Dixie Chicks were treated)

Are you kidding me? The Dixie Chicks?! They went against our own country; they told everyone that they weren't Americans. Is that your line of source?
Oh please.

You may disagree with this, but like it or not, there are parallels between Bush's America and the 3rd Reich. And BTW I am NOT anti-American.

No, there is absolutely NO comparison. And you shouldn't even say your an American, because you simply mistreat your rights of freedom of speech.

OH WOW!! Hannity supports Bush?!

My father sent this article to me that I thought was quite amusing.

A news station was actually suprised that Sean Hannity suports Bush. The reason why I find this amusing, is because...Liberals don't take in anything. Absolutely nothing. Sean goes against democrats who question our country; he even defends Bush at times. What makes liberals think he doesn't support President Bush? There are, in fact, a few disagreements between Hannity and Bush. But, no man is perfect. People make mistakes. It get's me aggravated how people bash President Bush for his little mistakes, but when Clinton was one seemed to disagree with his bizarre ideals. Hmm...I wonder why...[sarcasm]
Here are a few quotes I enjoyed from the article:

"Let me be straight with you -- I like George Bush," Hannity
said. "I think he's a man of principle, a man of faith. I think he's got a
backbone of steel and he's a real, genuine, big-time leader ... He's a
consequential figure for his time. We don't see it right now."
Hannity has criticized the Dubai ports deal for being a threat
to national security. During the debate on immigration, he takes a much tougher
line than the president on illegal workers and in seeking more secure borders.
While this may upset the president's supporters and some of Hannity's fans,
Henican believes Hannity gains wider credibility by exhibiting something other
than unquestioned support for Bush. "I say these things every day," Hannity
said. "Liberal critics don't hear me say it."
"I am going to start the stop-Hillary express!" he vowed.
"I don't hate the Democrats," he said. "I have fun with the
Democrats. As a matter of fact, I use them for a lot of fun on the air. What
they're saying is serious -- while we're at war, and while the president is
sending troops in harm's way after the worst attack in history. There's a big
difference between that and joking about Bill Clinton's sexcapades."
I'm with you 100% Hannity!!!

UGH...Kerry, that really lowers your dignity!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Happy Easter...

Hello fellow citizens, it's Easter Day so I'd figure I'd find some pictures to explain about and just have a little break. Schools back out Tuesday for Jersey Kids.
Christians around the world have been celebrating Easter, including in Shanghai, one of the fastest-growing Catholic communities in China.

Thousands of pilgrims gathered at St Peter's Basilica in Rome, hoping for a sign from Pope John Paul II, who has been ill...
and were rewarded when he appeared at a window.

In India, people visit family graves to mark the holiday.

In Pakistan, churches are closely guarded following attacks on Christians in the past.

Hooded penitents in Spain march in a procession to mark Easter Sunday...

and in eastern Germany, people in traditional dress dance around a fire believed to cleanse and bring wealth.

Iraqi Christian families celebrate the holiday in Baghdad.

At St Joseph's Cathedral in Bucharest, Romania, a young couple hold the Holy Light.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Coward Comedy Central Logos

NewsBuster Reports:

Comedy Central's hit show "South Park" just won a Peabody, the highest
award given to TV shows. The most recent episode dealt with the controversy
surrounding depictions of Mohammad. In the episode, everyone in the country is
terrified that the Fox animated show "Family Guy" is going to show Mohammad. All
in the town of South Park are afraid for their lives at the thought of Muslim
retribution. But in the end, Fox chickens out and censors the Mohammad
character, covering him up with a black rectangle.
Lois: But, Peter, I don't want to cook dinner for you

Peter: Well, maybe we can just have tea.
Brian the Dog: You mean like the time you had tea with Mohammad,
the prophet of the Muslim faith?

Peter (to censored Mohammad): Come on, Mohammad, let's get some

From Michelle Malkin's Blog:

Click images to see where they originally came from:

there are tons many others.

One more piece of evidence, this one a bit more tenuous but still worth noting.
Compare Mohammed's voice from the 2001 episode to the voice in the fake clip:

Such cowards, even when people make fun of Christianity

From the Hammer of Truth:

Banned by Comedy Central from showing an image of the Islamic prophet
Muhammad, the creators of “South Park” skewered their own network for
hypocrisy in the cartoon’s most recent episode.The comedy — in an episode aired during Holy Week for Christians — instead featured an image of Jesus Christ defecating on President Bush and the American flag.

Why are they like this? Just show the episode!!

Sources &

Thursday, April 13, 2006

ACLU=a bunch of morons

I've been hearing a lot about the ACLU organization, and to put it in an unintelligent way, I think that they are complete idiots.

Here's what stop the ACLU partly had to say:

Since the 5th amendment is pretty much already gone under judicial tyranny, one
of the first things you can kiss goodbye is the 2nd amendment. The U.N. are
already pushing for international gun control laws, and you can bet the ACLU
won’t fight against that. ACLU POLICY “The ACLU agrees with the Supreme Court’s long-standing interpretation of the Second Amendment [as set forth in the 1939
case, U.S. v. Miller] that the individual’s right to bear arms applies only to
the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia. Except for lawful
police and military purposes, the possession of weapons by individuals is not
constitutionally protected. Therefore, there is no constitutional impediment to
the regulation of firearms.

Here's the Bill of Rights for those lacking in education. Another article I read [and fully agree with] from Heather Mac Donald:

The ACLU's diatribe against terrorist watch lists comes as it is caught out
in rank hypocrisy and deceit. This self-described fighter for freedom has been
misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in federal money,
contributed by federal employees through a philanthropic payroll-deduction
program. To participate in the program, a charity must certify that it does not
employ or fund suspected terrorists included on government watch lists. (The
necessity for this precaution was demonstrated just last week by the arrests of
executives from the Holy Land Foundation, a Virginia-based Muslim charity, for
funneling $12 million in charitable donations to Hamas killers.)
eagerly signed the pledge (we will leave aside the ludicrous designation of the
ACLU as a "charity") and opened up the federal money spigot. But it turns out
that it had its fingers crossed behind its back. In the view of committed civil
libertarians, you see, a terror watch list is nothing more than government
totalitarianism in disguise. But doesn't it contain extremely dangerous people,
you ask? We don't know and don't care, reply the civil libertarians. And so upon
learning of the ACLU's promise not to fund terrorists, several board members
accused it of "McCarthyism," tantamount to accusing George W. Bush of
Not to worry, purred executive director Anthony Romero.
Romero smugly revealed that he had never had any intention of actually checking
the terror watch lists. Federal law merely prohibits "knowingly" employing or
funding terrorists, explained this sophist. So long as the organization
carefully avoided actually looking at the government's terror watch list, it
could go right on funding whomever it pleased and still be in compliance with
federal requirements.This argument is nonsense. The point of the
terror-watch-list requirement is not to guarantee that recipients of federal
payroll deductions remain chastely ignorant of the identities of terror
suspects, or worse, that they can plausibly deny knowing that they fund
terrorists. The purpose of the watch list requirement is to ensure that money
doesn't actually flow into terrorism, knowingly or not. The idea that the
antiterrorism requirement would be satisfied if a charity poured money into an
al Qaeda front, as long as the charity was able to say it didn't know it was
funding terrorism, is ludicrous.


Such fantasies make for great fundraising pitches. The ACLU has been raking
in the dough — and not just from payroll deductions — since 9/11. But the Left's
blindness to the reality of foreign enemies should utterly disqualify it from
government influence. That is not the case. Civil libertarians and privacy
advocates exercise veto power over government research in the crucial fields of
data mining and computer technology. The Department of Homeland Security
recently cancelled a program to screen airline passengers for terrorist
connections because privacy advocates objected. The next time a public official
feels inclined to listen to a rights lobbyist, he should administer a simple
sanity test: Do you believe that terrorism exists?
Here's a sign I created by editing =-):

Basically the ACLU is BAD for America


Sorry Bush...

Yes, our President Bush, I've been on his side for many different issues, but this one I can't seem to understand. Which would be the immigration issue. I think he totally blew that decision.

Here's part of his speech:

"The contributions of immigrants to America continue. About 14 percent of our
nation's civilian workforce is foreign-born. Most begin their working lives in
America by taking hard jobs and clocking long hours in important industries.
Many immigrants also start businesses, taking the familiar path from hired labor
to ownership.

As a Texan, I have known many immigrant families, mainly from Mexico, and I have
seen what they add to our country. They bring to America the values of faith in
God, love of family, hard work and self reliance -- the values that made us a
great nation to begin with. We've all seen those values in action, through the
service and sacrifice of more than 35,000 foreign-born men and women currently
on active duty in the United States military. One of them is Master Gunnery
Sergeant Guadalupe Denogean, an immigrant from Mexico who has served in the
Marine Corps for 25 years and counting. Last year, I was honored and proud to
witness Sergeant Denogean take the oath of citizenship in a hospital where he
was recovering from wounds he received in Iraq. I'm honored to be his
Commander-in-Chief, I'm proud to call him a fellow American. "

I think that he's in the right direction, but taking in the wrong text. Immigrants do indeed help us, but not all of them. Thing is, they aren't Americans. They are not citizens and they shouldn't be excepted as a citizen without going through our law system. Just think about the people that came here legally. You're basically giving citizenship to those illegal aliens. They are trying to take over our Country!!

"We are people of dignity, and we demand respect," Mr. Gutierrez said at the
rally. "This is the beginning of a movement that is going to call for a national
work stoppage." Another ANSWER member who spoke at the
rally, Gloria La Riva said: "The racist politicians thought they could step on
us with their racist legislation, but they have awakened the immigrant giant,
and they will feel our strength when we stop work."

Rally organizer tied to Marxist party [see story] :



Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Illegal immigration has been going crazy!

My views on illegal immigration aren't that pleasant. It's not right and I think we should kick the illegals out and create a better system to become a citizen. One that is less time consuming. The reason why I chose this specific topic for our first discussion, is because I'm currently working on a research paper about it. I've read Michelle Malkin's blog about immigration; quite frankly, I completely agree with her.

People are letting illegal immigrants get away with everything; being too lenient. First of all, the people are coming here ILLEGALLY into our country. Isn't that a big issue? Shouldn't we do something to stop it? There have been hispanic riots and they burn/disrespect our flag. This is our country, if they don't abide by the laws then they don't deserve to be here.

Illegal immigrants take jobs under the table, while paying no taxes. They make out pretty good, economy-wise. They also over-populate America; they are trying to take control. Basically, half of Calafornia is made up of hispanic illegal aliens.

My mom was an immigrant from China. When she was young, she had to go through 7 years just to become a citizen. Illegal immigrants come over here in a matter of days. Does that make it fair? Another thing is, how can we be angry with the legal aliens that went through the law in the first place.

The entered our country, learned our language, worked hard. Don't compare them to illegal idiots rebeling on the streets. I recently had a political science symposium. In which I knew a junior, who happened to be in my group from another school. She explained to me that her father was an illegal immigrant and that she wasn't rich. (Before you get confused, we were debating about whether or not there should be private schools). I asked her why he still is an illegal immigrant and she replied, "because it takes too long to become a citizen." Need I remind you they create fake documents? How can people actually think this is right? Entering our country without permission.

I really don't understand these people. Do they think they're the only people on the earth? Other immigrants have to go through this hard process too, what makes them so special that they don't have to go through the same thing?

I think we should do what George Allen suggested:

1) Secure Border.
2) Shorten the process of becoming a citizen.
3) Kick all of the Illegal Aliens out.
"If we have a reward for illegal behavior all we'll get is more illegal
behavior." --George Allen

Pictures from: