Monday, July 09, 2007

Yet again.

Hello my fellow readers, if you still are reading that is. Due to my absence this blog has simply lost it's purpose. I really don't know what happened, I just lost interest in writing daily. I still am involved in politics, but not as much as before. I believe that the school life has taken away my ability to explore the outer news. I apologize and maybe I'll return when I'm older and I finally give up my immature child-like ways. I just don't feel like worrying about things all the time, I would like a time where things would be carefree. I'm a Junior now, still at 15, but going strong in schooling. I do have social activities I engage in quite often, but I will always work hard in school. I still debate among my friends, but they're as stubborn as I am. There are times when they do agree with me. In order to be a great change, we must take baby steps. In time maybe some teenagers can be aware of what our country is going through and what it has already been through.

Thank you if you still do care about my opinions and thoughts, it does help me for the near future. I have convinced a few of these hardcore liberals in order to do what's right. Most of the teenage student body gather false information from the media. Half of them couldn't answer me when I asked them, "Why do you think President Bush is a bad president?" And when they didn't exactly give me reasons. I fear that media is gaining control of a lot of things, but there are people out there. Ones from my generation, that actually care. They can think for themselves and know the difference between good or bad morals.

With this short post, I bid you all adue and I greatly appreciated your comments.

Monday, January 22, 2007

My deepest apologies

To everyone who was concerned, I did leave for an extremely long time. I guess I lost interest in writing daily. I've been very busy with social activities and schoolwork. I really do enjoy discussing about politics, but it seems that there's no time. I'm just a normal high school girl, and I do want to enjoy life along the way. I don't plan on returning for quite sometime and my dearest apologies to all who've read my blog and have been there since the beginning.

I'm now 15, my birthday was September 27. This is the week of my midterms, so right now I'm studying Driver's theory. I took extra writing classes such as Journalism and Creative Writing. I plan on continuing this site in the summer. I'm not totally abandoning it. Usually, I have nothing to do in the summer so why not spend time researching again :)

Thank you to all the readers. And I'm truely sorry for leaving you hanging.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 11th...

The night we will all remember...
I was part of a project from this

The memory of Michael Gregory McGinty: view rest here

And may all of the people who died during september 11th be remembered.

Friday, July 21, 2006


[Phew] Well, I'm half back anyway. I'm at my grandparents house in the middle of nowhere so hopefully this gets through. I thought that I should just discuss what everyone else is discussing. Which would be Israel. And the starting of a war. Everyone knows what it's about and it's been on the media like crazy. What I want to know is what people think about it.

I think that Israel has every right to defend themselves. Period. There shouldn't even be a disagreement. If a terrorist came into America and killed our soldiers and kidnapped some, we wouldn't let them get away. Would we?

Plus if you look at the history, Israel has been put through a lot of crap. This was the last straw. Quite frankly, I'm proud of them for standing up for themselves. I had a better rant but, this internet is much to slow (DON'T EVER GET DIAL UP!!) and my relatives broke my thoughts right in the middle of this post.

So I'll say...This rant is to be continued until I have further information to help out my opinions.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm back!!!

Hello everyone! I apologize for such a long disappearance. I was out on vacation in New York for 2 weeks. I'm way way behind in the political world. So I'll do some research and read some blogs and start posting soon. Thank you for such a long wait.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's been a while

I apologize for not posting soon. I just got out of school Tuesday and then there was all of the social activities to attend. The only thing I've gotten around to was buying a father's day present. I got my dad the book Godless by: Ann Coulter. I read a bit of her site:

I thought I'd put off that column on ethanol subsidies I'd been planning to
write this week and instead address the topic that has so riveted the nation —
the hot new book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism."

First of all, I'm getting a little fed up with people trying to make money
off my book. Worthless little cable TV shows with teeny-tiny audiences,
ridiculous legislators and tabloid newspapers are all trying to make a name for
themselves off the profundity of "Godless."

Second, let's pause for a moment to observe that two facts are now
universally accepted: Liberals are godless and Hillary's husband is a rapist.

My book makes a stark assertion: Liberalism is a godless religion. Hello!
Anyone there? I've leapt beyond calling you traitors and am now calling you
GODLESS. Apparently, everybody's cool with that. The fact that liberals are
godless is not even a controversial point anymore.

In addition to the consensus position that liberals are godless, no one has
made a peep about that swipe I took at Hillary, proposing that she have a chat
with her husband before accusing others of being "mean" to women in light of
Juanita Broaddrick's charge that Bill Clinton raped her. Hillary beat a hasty
retreat on her chubby little legs and is now hiding behind Rahm "Don't Touch My
Tutu" Emanuel.

Yes, the Democrats' pit bull, Rahm Emanuel, is a former ballerina. And they
wonder why the concerted effort of the MSM (as we call the mainstream media) and
the Democratic Party can't lay a finger on me. A ballerina. Hey, if the padded,
silky shoe fits ...

The establishment's current obsession with me is the MSM's last stand.
They've deployed the whole lineup of yesterday's power brokers against me, and
all they've accomplished is to make my book the No. 1 book in the country.

In other words, their efforts to defeat me have just created more people
like me. Now who's stuck in an unwinnable quagmire, losers? Take note,
conservatives: No American need ever fear the liberal establishment again. It's
all over but the sobbing. Back when there were only three TV stations and no
Internet, talk radio or Fox News, it used to be so easy for the MSM to destroy
reputations — Joe McCarthy, Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, Robert Bork, Dan
Quayle, Oliver North, Clarence Thomas, Pat Buchanan, Newt Gingrich, Paula Jones
and Linda Tripp, to name a few of the MSM's prey. Liberals aren't having so much
fun now that the rabbit has the gun.

Last Wednesday, Brian Williams began the "NBC Nightly News" — currently
watched exclusively by old ladies in nursing homes — with a report on "civility"
in America, which has apparently been horribly despoiled by my book. Williams
complained that the "explosion in our media, our deafening national noise level
and our changing mores have made this a much different era in America than the
one our parents grew up in." Oh, the civility of having only three TV stations
back in our parents' day! It was even more civil in the Soviet Union where there
was only one TV station. In precisely five minutes on the Media Research
Center's Web site, I turned up some random examples of the sort of civility we
got from the MSM before the alternative media allowed conservatives to be heard,
too. These are all-new quotes I've never even seen before. There are about a
hundred more in my book "Slander."

— On Ronald Reagan: "I predict historians are going to be totally
baffled by how the American people fell in love with this man (Ronald Reagan)
and followed him the way we did."— CBS News White House reporter Lesley Stahl on
NBC's "Later With Bob Costas," Jan. 11, 1989

— On Pat Buchanan: "On the road I travel to the mall in Wheaton, Md., two
white men severely beat two black women Tuesday. One was doused with lighter
fluid, and her attacker tried to set her afire. Both men cursed the women for
being black. I couldn't help but shudder: That could have been me. This heinous
act happened only hours after Pat Buchanan voters gave him 30 percent of the
vote in the Maryland GOP presidential primary." — USA Today columnist and former
"Inquiry" page editor Barbara Reynolds, March 6, 1992

— On Lee Atwater: "(Lee Atwater) was a scoundrel, one of the darkest
figures to dominate our recent politics, a man with a comprehensively cynical
view of his fellow creatures. ... He made it in the most improbable way,
learning to dress at Brooks Brothers and keep his funky white trash wickedness
too. ... In running campaigns that played on racial divisions, he was something
worse than a bigot; he was a man who pretended to be a bigot in hope that it
would sell." — Washington Post op-ed by reporter Marjorie Williams, March 30,

— On Newt Gingrich: "So how do you put an end to what Jim Wright called
'mindless cannibalism'? Do you put a muzzle on Newt Gingrich?" — "CBS This
Morning" co-host Kathleen Sullivan, June 1, 1989 Ah, the civility of the old
media! Sadly for the MSM, the Silent Majority is silent no more. COPYRIGHT 2006

Ah, the civility of the old media! Sadly for the MSM, the Silent Majority
is silent no more.

She's absolutely dead on. These liberals won't be able to shake her at all. I admire her.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Michelle Malkin's HOT AIR FILMS! It's a truly must-watch.